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  • A General Generics Question -- Don't Fight The Compiler

    I've got a pretty firm grasp on generics such as when to use them, why they are useful, etc. I'm with the rest of the .Net camp when I echo how extremely useful they are. I've also learned that if you're fighting the compiler on generics for more than a few minutes, there is a reason...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Wed, May 23 2007
    Filed under: Tools and Resources, .Net, Irks
  • Well That Turned Out To Be A Nightmare

    Twenty days since my last post...in the 3+ years I've been running this blog I don't think I've ever gone that long. Hopefully the two of you that read this site haven't jumped ship quite yet. Regardless... The job that I was so incredibly stoked about turned out to be quite the nightmare, and thus my...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Wed, Apr 11 2007
    Filed under: Opinions, General, Irks, Being Jayson
  • Unable To Open URLs After Upgrading Windows XP x64 To Service Pack 2

    I recently upgraded my Windows XP x64 installation to Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 (for those not in the know, SP2 for Windows 2003 also applies to XP x64 since they are the same code base) only to run into an issue where clicking on any urls/hyperlinks from desktop applications (Outlook, Word, etc) generated...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Mon, Mar 19 2007
    Filed under: Technology and Internet, Tools and Resources, Firefox, Irks
  • Save Internet Radio

    Streaming internet radio is in trouble . The basic premise is as follows: On Friday March 2nd, the U.S. government (specifically, the Copyright Royalty Board, or "CRB") announced its determination of the royalty rates Internet radio webcasters must pay the owners of sound recording copyrights to license...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Thu, Mar 15 2007
    Filed under: General, Irks, Music
  • Hang Up The Phone And Drive

    I saw the funniest thing driving home today. I pulled up behind a soccer-mom-mobile (and SUV for anyone who has no idea what that means) which had a fairly large bumper sticker with the following text: "Drive now, talk later." The driver was, of course, yakking away on the phone the entire time I was...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Thu, Feb 22 2007
    Filed under: General, Irks, Charlotte
  • All The Men Out There Can Sympathize With Me

    Folks outside of the US more than likely have no idea what today is ...hell, I'm not even that much of a football fan (except for the past couple of years when the Panthers have done fairly well in the post season). That being said, it's a tradition here in the states...if even just for the commercials...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Feb 4 2007
    Filed under: General, Irks, Being Jayson
  • ApplicationSettingsBase.[Insert Event Name Here] Discrepancy

    Microsoft has done a good job when it comes to event naming within the BCL by following a common naming pattern: the gerund form of the verb is used during the act of doing something (i.e. Form.Closing), whereas the past tense is used after the act has completed (ala Form.Closed). They've also done a...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Fri, Jan 26 2007
    Filed under: Technology and Internet, Opinions, .Net, Irks
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