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  • Switching From Microsoft To Logitech Input Devices

    I've been a longtime user and fan of Microsoft input devices (keyboard/mouse)...pretty much ever since I made the move from Mac to Windows 9 years ago. That era is coming to an end as I'm transitioning over to Logitech hardware in my home office. Whereas Microsoft is all business with a touch...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Aug 26 2007
    Filed under: Opinions, General, Being Jayson
  • A Couple Of New Music Recommendations: Mew, Muse, and Cold War Kids

    In my never ending quest to find new (indie rock) music, I've stumbled across a couple more troupes that I really dig, all of them via The Dive which comes on Fuse.tv at the most ungodly hour imaginable (usually around 3am Sunday mornings). By no means are any of them new...they've been making...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Tue, Aug 14 2007
    Filed under: General, Links and News, Music, Being Jayson
  • Community Server Developers Conference, New Themes Released

    Telligent has announced the first ever Community Server Developers Conference ...there was one last year, but it was not an official Telligent sanctioned event and unfortunately I was not able to make it. This year I am definitely planning on dropping in to help represent the CS MVP's. From the announcement...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Aug 5 2007
    Filed under: Tools and Resources, Community Server, Links and News, Being Jayson
  • Starting A New Job On Monday (7/16)

    It has been a very interesting 2 months since my last job related post ; in a nutshell I am not in Seattle and I was not able to take the position with Microsoft that I've been talking about. I have an entirely separate post that I'm working on which goes into more detail as to exactly what happened...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sat, Jul 14 2007
    Filed under: Technology and Internet, General, Links and News, Charlotte, Being Jayson
  • Three Things About Software I Didn't Learn In College

    Scott Hanselman recently put out an interesting request for folks to post about three things they've learned about software either in college, out of college, or both. Seeing as I only took one programming class in college (C++ 101), this post will cater to his request of "I'm especially...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sat, Jun 30 2007
    Filed under: Technology and Internet, Opinions, Tools and Resources, Being Jayson
  • Congratulations To Eric And Leigh

    This past Thursday, one of my best friends (a local artist, check out the cuffs he makes by hand) tied the knot to his beautiful bride Leigh in one of the most memorable weddings I've been to lately. He's one of the 'core' crew, and even though we've lost touch a little over the past...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sat, Jun 16 2007
    Filed under: General, Photos, Charlotte, Being Jayson
  • And Then There Were 29

    Today marks the beginning of my 30th trip around the sun (I'm 29 for any math challenged folks). Just so everyone knows, I plan on staying 29 for a few years, so we won't be celebrating next year this time. This birthday will be low key...eating at a local Greek restaurant with friends and family...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Thu, May 24 2007
    Filed under: General, Charlotte, Being Jayson
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