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  • Career Advancement: The Highly Sought After Solutions Architect Role

    Recently I attained the title of Solutions Architect in my career, which is exactly what I wanted to be when I embarked on this career path 16 years ago. Even though I’ve basically been doing the role of a Solutions Architect for a few years now, obtaining the official title and the official responsibilities...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Tue, Mar 27 2018
    Filed under: Technology and Internet, General, Tools and Resources, Tech Articles, .Net, Being Jayson
  • JK [DOT] COM Version 4.0 Launched: Rebranding and Refocusing

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you JK [DOT] COM v4.0 Things have been quiet around here. A little too quiet. Unfortunately, I feel that blogging has become a little passé and it’s something I keep meaning to stay above water on, but every time I promise to do more blogging, I set myself...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Aug 27 2017
    Filed under: Technology and Internet, General, Site News, Being Jayson, Metablog
  • Matriculating Into Columbia University, Moving to New York

    I have the proud distinction of being able to say that I have been accepted to Columbia University (yeah, that Columbia...the Ivy League one) and will be finishing up my degree there. I'm still in shock that it's actually happened, that I get to fulfill my lifelong dream of attending an Ivy League...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Tue, Dec 8 2009
    Filed under: General, Being Jayson, School, Medical Student
  • I'm Drowning in Paper, So I Bought a Tablet

    So another semester has drawn to a close…this semester was my first full one; I did 17 hours and I can say one thing for certain: It’s a lot easier to focus at age 30 than it was at 18, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Finals were pretty gruesome, but overall it was a successful...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Fri, Dec 19 2008
    Filed under: Technology and Internet, General, Links and News, Being Jayson, School
  • School Starts on Monday

    As of this coming Monday (7/7/2008) I am a college student once again. I am taking 6 hours worth of classes here at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2nd summer session. I also have other huge news to write about, but everything isn't quite nailed down yet so I don't want to jump...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Jul 6 2008
    Filed under: General, Charlotte, Being Jayson
  • DrumSTRONG 2008: A Smashing Success -- Thank You Scott and Mason!

    Three years ago, a friend of my family's teenage son was diagnosed with cancer, and was given fairly bleak chances of making it through the ordeal. It was a crushing blow to the family. For the full story, read the ESPN piece on Mason (he's the last story). Mason would go on to conquer the cancer...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Tue, May 6 2008
    Filed under: General, Links and News, Photos, Charlotte, Music, Being Jayson
  • Broke The Mountain Bike Out Of Storage

    I used to mountain bike. A lot. For some inexplicable reason I stopped a few years ago when other priorities manifested themselves, but recently I decided to start up again. While I'm not horribly out of shape, I'm definitely not the rider I used to be...but I aim to change this soon as the legs...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Mar 9 2008
    Filed under: General, Being Jayson
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