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04 March 2007
Your Database Administrator Is Your Best Friend
Let's face developers we're expected to know a lot of stuff about a lot of things: Database design, application design, numerous languages and constructs, testing, debugging, etc. I don't know about you guys, but my head can only hold so much information before an implosion is imminent. Do yourself... Read More...
21 January 2007
XSD To Relational Database Model Converter -- XSD2DB
A requirement in a small project I've been working on recently came up for mapping an XSD directly to an RDBMS schema on the fly (i.e. an incoming XML schema needs to be generated into an RDBMS schema structure at runtime...I won't get into specifics as to why), so I started searching for a way to to... Read More...
05 May 2006
Yet Another SQL Server Management Studio Gripe
I simply cannot believe all the issues I’m finding in SQL Server Management Studio (for other gripes see my SQL Server 2005 category ). The newest one is just plain dumb IMO (unless I’m doing something wrong). Recently I needed to implement a quick and dirty trigger for a test on one of my... Read More...
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12 February 2006
More SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Woes
I posted earlier about some SQL Server 2005 Management Studio (SSMS) gripes I've come across; I recently came across another really big one that I really feel the need to air out: It's next to impossible to export an entire database to a new database on the same machine via the SSMS GUI. Sure, the option... Read More...
18 December 2005
Free Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Training
Huge ups to Mark for sending me an email linking to a ton of free SQL Server 2005 online training from Microsoft (though unfortunately it looks like the “virtual labs” part of the training won’t be available until early February of next year). I usually just go out and buy a ton of... Read More...
28 November 2005
Looking for Some Definitive SQLCMD.EXE Resources
Does anyone know of a good hard core SQLCMD (not the ADO.Net object, the OSQL replacement that ships with SQL Server 2005) reference? The SQL Books Online documentation for this new tool is terrible, and Google isn’t turning up much more than basic primers. I’m looking for a hard core top... Read More...
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22 November 2005
SQL 2005 Management Studio is Pathetic
Forget everything I said earlier about SQL Server 2005 Management Studio (herein referred to as MS from now on); it’s slow, bloated, and just all around pathetic. It seemed great at first, but after having done some heavy lifting with it lately it just seems…well, geared for idiots. It’s... Read More...