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06 May 2008
DrumSTRONG 2008: A Smashing Success -- Thank You Scott and Mason!
Three years ago, a friend of my family's teenage son was diagnosed with cancer, and was given fairly bleak chances of making it through the ordeal. It was a crushing blow to the family. For the full story, read the ESPN piece on Mason (he's the last story). Mason would go on to conquer the cancer... Read More...
01 January 2008
Best. Wedding. Ever. Sorry Ladies, Matt Brandau Is Off The Market
A very good friend of mine, Matt Brandau recently got married to a wonderful woman, and I had the pleasure of attending. Here are some photos from the festivities . It was without a doubt the most fun reception I've ever attended...Matt is a professional bassist (shameless plug, he now plays with... Read More...
08 September 2007
Machine Preparations For Overclocking
My main workstation is getting on up there in's about 27 months old, though the video card and processor were both upgraded within the past 6 months. I'm not really in the mood to wrangle together a completely new machine, so I've decided to go the overclocking route to try and eek... Read More...
16 June 2007
Congratulations To Eric And Leigh
This past Thursday, one of my best friends (a local artist, check out the cuffs he makes by hand) tied the knot to his beautiful bride Leigh in one of the most memorable weddings I've been to lately. He's one of the 'core' crew, and even though we've lost touch a little over the past... Read More...
26 April 2007
Some New Photos -- Weekend Get Together
Tonya's best friend Shannon recently got married to a fantastic fella by the name of Steve (congrats guys!) and threw a get together shortly thereafter. Here are a couple of photos of Tonya and me hanging out and enjoying the festivities (and authentic low-country cooking). Read More...
24 November 2006
A Couple Of New Whippet Photos
The tryptophan is kicking in, so before hitting the sack I thought I'd post a couple of new Escher pics ( here and here ). Read More...
03 May 2006
Photos/Videos Of The 2006 Queen's Cup Steeplechase
Every year on the last Saturday in April, the annual Queen’s Cup Steeplechase ( what’s a Steeplechase ?) comes to a tiny town about 45 minutes south of Charlotte. I’ve never been to a race before, so Tonya and I decided to get some tailgating passes (which actually turned out to be... Read More...
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08 April 2006
A Couple Of New Photos
I’ve finally posted some photos of Tonya . Hopefully she’ll forgive me. Read More...
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04 February 2006
Downtown Charlotte at Magic Hour
In the photography realm, it’s known as “magic hour”…everyone else usually just calls it twilight . I managed to catch downtown Charlotte right in the middle of it this evening and posted a photo here . As a point of reference, the camera is facing South by Southeast, so the... Read More...
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06 September 2005
My Photos of New Orleans -- Early 2002
I was fortunate enough to have an all expense paid trip (via the company I was doing project work for at the time) to New Orleans a couple of years ago. We were there for a convention, so spare time was hard to come by…but I did manage to snap some photos when I was there. You can view some of... Read More...
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