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06 May 2008
DrumSTRONG 2008: A Smashing Success -- Thank You Scott and Mason!
Three years ago, a friend of my family's teenage son was diagnosed with cancer, and was given fairly bleak chances of making it through the ordeal. It was a crushing blow to the family. For the full story, read the ESPN piece on Mason (he's the last story). Mason would go on to conquer the cancer... Read More...
14 August 2007
A Couple Of New Music Recommendations: Mew, Muse, and Cold War Kids
In my never ending quest to find new (indie rock) music, I've stumbled across a couple more troupes that I really dig, all of them via The Dive which comes on at the most ungodly hour imaginable (usually around 3am Sunday mornings). By no means are any of them new...they've been making... Read More...
01 July 2007
For All The Massive Attack Fans Out There
I'm sure there has to be a couple of Massive Attack fans who visit this site, and if you're not (or have never heard of them) it's never too late to give them a shot. They helped pioneer the trip hop movement which set the stage for many later bands to follow ( Portishead comes to mind, among... Read More...
19 March 2007
Digweed, The Cinematics, Seattle, Horses...It's Springtime!
The weather is getting warmer, which can only mean one (of several) things: Lots of stuff to do in and around Charlotte! This coming Thursday (the 22nd) The Cinematics are playing at a local venue (they are kick arse...anyone in the area should definitely check them out, it's at Neighborhood Theatre... Read More...
16 March 2007
Save Internet Radio
Streaming internet radio is in trouble . The basic premise is as follows: On Friday March 2nd, the U.S. government (specifically, the Copyright Royalty Board, or "CRB") announced its determination of the royalty rates Internet radio webcasters must pay the owners of sound recording copyrights to license... Read More...
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12 February 2007
Recent Band Discovery -- The Cinematics
It's hard to sift through the crapola that is the music industry as of late...95% of the stuff that's out now is pure junk IMO. And who has time to go to the music store these days? Sometimes I wish I was a DJ so I could get paid to listen to music. Regardless, I've been trying to branch out some lately;... Read More...
11 February 2007
Obligatory Grammy Post -- Chili Peppers!
I don't care about award season. I care even less about the Grammys, eschewing Maynard Keenan's opinion of the ceremony: How about the Grammy? You received one, but didn't attend the ceremony.... MAYNARD : I think the Grammys are nothing more than some gigantic promotional machine for the music industry... Read More...
06 December 2006
Digitally Imported Radio -- Techno Channel
Digitally Imported Radio (my favorite streaming music choice for years now) recently added a new channel to their repertoire: Techno . AAC stream , 96k stream , and 32k WMP stream locations. Not for the faint of heart, but it's great stuff to code to. Casual electronica listeners might be thinking to... Read More...
16 April 2006
Amazing Music Video: Sia-Breathe Me
I saw this float by on Digg the other day: Astralwerks describes it as "an amazing clip created with 2,500 Polaroids, proverbially making this video worth 2,500,000 words." Real: Hi / Lo Windows Media: Hi / Lo Very well done, not to mention it’s a pretty badass track to boot. At the going price... Read More...
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16 March 2006
Music To Code By Vols 4-5 Released
DJ Boliva has been kind enough to release volumes 4 and 5 of his “music to code by” series: Partisan Scream Fest and Hunt the Wumpus (great titles…lovin’ it!). The previous 3 releases were fantastic, as are these. Track 7 on Partisan Scream Fest (~40:00) is absolutely slammin’... Read More...
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