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04 January 2006
Huge List of Half-Life 2 Mods
Now here’s a huge list of Half-Life 2 mods . I honestly had no idea there were so many out in the wild. Anyone have any particular favorites that I should check out? On another HL2 related note, when the hell is HL2–Aftermath being released? And finally, some Steam related trivia: Steam has delivered... Read More...
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22 November 2005
Anyone Get an XBox 360 Yet?
I’m just curious if anyone has had any luck in getting one without having pre-ordered (or if anyone has gotten one yet period, would love to hear about the gaming experience)…from what I’ve read around the blogosphere pretty much everyone is sold out, and they are going for over 1500... Read More...
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31 October 2005
Half-Life 2 -- Lost Coast Demo
From The Lost Coast is essentially just a technology demo that is showcasing the new technology that they're building into the Source engine. We've all heard of it before, it's a thing called High Dynamic Range rendering (or HDR, if you're lazy). Here's a really technical detail into what... Read More...
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28 August 2005
Pepsi Giving Away 9072 XBox 360s
Alex Barnett points to a contest that Pepsi is running wherein they are giving away an XBox 360 every 10 minutes for 9 weeks straight (starts at midnight EST). That’s 9072 XBox’s by my (usually wrong on Sunday) math. That’s also about 4.5 million dollars in XBox love (at 500 per console, though they... Read More...
18 August 2005
XBox 360 Pricing Specs Released
Per MS Press Pass (full article here ): Ending weeks of speculation about which upcoming video game platform will give gamers the most bang for their buck, today at the German Games Convention, Microsoft Corp. revealed that consumers can get their hands on Xbox 360™ — the most powerful and feature-packed... Read More...
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10 August 2005
Half-Life 2: Aftermath Trailer
Half-Life 2: Aftermath Trailer : This is the first trailer released for Half-Life 2: Aftermath, the anticipated add-on to Half-Life 2. The expansion takes place right after the events in HL2, and you and Alyx will flee from City 17, fighting against creatures who were previous blocked from entering the... Read More...
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30 June 2005
Half-Life 2 -- The Next Chapter
Via GameSpot ( full article here ): The good news is that Valve is in the final stages of prepping Half-Life 2: Aftermath, the first expansion for Half-Life 2, due out later this year. Valve likes to describe Aftermath as a new "episode" for the franchise, and we know that it picks up immediately after... Read More...
26 June 2005
Finally Finished Half-Life 2
I wrapped up play on Half-Life 2 this weekend. The ending was oh so very…anti-climactic, and not very challenging (except for the stryders, tough buggers to kill). The weapon they give you to use is horrifically overpowered for the task at hand, and it was a little impersonal. Oh well, the 20... Read More...
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01 June 2005
Great Video Showcasing the Half Life 2 Physics Engine
Check out this domino video showcasing the amazing Half Life 2 physics engine (reminds me a little of Honda’s Cog video ). Good stuff, though apparently some people have too much free time on their hands. Read More...
01 June 2005
XBox 360 *Not* Supporting Digital 5.1 Surround Sound?
I don’t know how I missed this, but nowhere in the XBox 360 specs is support for Dolby Digital 5.1 mentioned. Per the previous link: Audio Multi-channel surround sound output Supports 48KHz 16-bit audio 320 independent decompression channels 32-bit audio processing Over 256 audio channels WinSupersite... Read More...
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