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10 November 2007
eVGA 8800GT Video Card -- The Way Games Are Supposed To Be Played
The title of this post is a blatant rip off of nVidia's current tagline; I felt it rings more true than ever with nVidia's newest offering: Their 8800GT is out of this world when it comes to price/performance in video cards. The story behind how I got mine is more interesting than it should be... Read More...
14 October 2007
Valve's Orange Box -- A Great Way to Spend Less Time With Friends and Family
First off, add me as friend over on Steam Community! If the little things in life like spending quality time with family, friends, pets, etc are important to you then I would highly recommend not purchasing the latest offering from Valve Software: The Orange Box . The majority of my weekend has been... Read More...
02 January 2007
Splinter Cell Double Agent -- Not On My System (Yet)
Due to Santa being nice enough to stuff a gift certificate to Best Buy in my stocking this year, I recently picked up Splinter Cell: Double Agent . What I didn't do was read the fine print: You must have a video card that supports shader model version 3.0 . I have an ATI 800XL, which is a pretty bangin... Read More...
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13 December 2006
XNA Studio Express -- Requires C# Express?
While I don't plan on being the next John Carmack , I was pretty stoked to see that XNA Studio Express went RTM recently. Except for one small problem...XNA will only run on machines with C# Express installed; the full blown non-express SKU's (Professional, VSTS, etc) aren't compatible. I do realize... Read More...
01 November 2006
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter -- Very Impressive
My game playing has suffered a bit as of late (the whole not-spending-12-hours-a-day-in-front-of-a-computer-anymore thing prohibits it), I did recently stumble across a great special Circuit City was having last weekend ago and picked up Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter for $9.99 (it's currently... Read More...
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26 September 2006
Half Life 2: Episode 2 -- A Plethora Of New Videos
I haven't even finished Episode 1 yet and already a whole slew of new videos showcasing HL2: Episode 2 are starting to make their way onto the internet. If you have Steam installed I highly recommend hitting the My Media tab, then click on Browse Media and hunt for the 2 trailers and 5 gameplay videos... Read More...
05 June 2006
Coming Up For Air
Man oh man what a weekend. Like most geeks worldwide, I spent the majority of the weekend A) playing Half Life 2: Episode 1 and B) not getting nearly enough full meals and C) consuming too many beers. The game is a little repetitive at times (and I still haven’t finished it), but the graphics are... Read More...
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01 June 2006
I'm Scared...
…to fire up Half Life 2: Episode One . It just finished downloading/decrypting a few minutes ago. I share my buddy Jacob’s pain in his post about just the same thing. I have work to do, an animal to pay attention to, meals to eat. Decisions decisions… Read More...
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11 May 2006
Halo 3 Trailer -- Wow
Sounds best on a big badass sound system . A little disappointing to see the release date is now sometime in 2007 though…I thought MS had made it very clear they would release Halo 3 on the same day that Sony releases their Playstation 3 console . Read More...
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15 April 2006
XBox 360 -- Yes, It's Time To Make A Purchase
In an effort to completely erode away the rest of my spare time, I’ve decided that it could indeed be time to upgrade my XBox v.original to the newer model. I’ve been searching around to see who has the best deals/packages/etc, but figured why do that when I can tap into the vast gameage power of my... Read More...
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