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14 October 2007
Valve's Orange Box -- A Great Way to Spend Less Time With Friends and Family
First off, add me as friend over on Steam Community! If the little things in life like spending quality time with family, friends, pets, etc are important to you then I would highly recommend not purchasing the latest offering from Valve Software: The Orange Box . The majority of my weekend has been... Read More...
05 June 2006
Coming Up For Air
Man oh man what a weekend. Like most geeks worldwide, I spent the majority of the weekend A) playing Half Life 2: Episode 1 and B) not getting nearly enough full meals and C) consuming too many beers. The game is a little repetitive at times (and I still haven’t finished it), but the graphics are... Read More...
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18 August 2005
XBox 360 Pricing Specs Released
Per MS Press Pass (full article here ): Ending weeks of speculation about which upcoming video game platform will give gamers the most bang for their buck, today at the German Games Convention, Microsoft Corp. revealed that consumers can get their hands on Xbox 360™ — the most powerful and feature-packed... Read More...
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16 May 2005
BlogShares -- Very Addictive
I’ve been a member on Blogshares since last July but never really got into it…until the past week or so after reading Bob’s post about it . It’s addictive to say the least (note: click my B$:Listed button for a direct link to my info, RSS folks just click here ); I’m already... Read More...
18 February 2005
XBox Live Gamertag -- XStatic9
I finally got around to buying a wireless router for my XBox (which I might add I purchased over 3 years ago at the full 299.95 price…it is now 149.95)… this one if you’re curious. The gamertag I wanted (XStatic) was taken, so I had to settle for XStatic9, and I was a bit peeved that... Read More...