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29 December 2018
Default Interface Methods in C#: What Are Traits, and Why Are They Needed?
Curious to see what my fellow .Net developers/architects think of this new language feature that's been bandied about since at least early 2017, though it's now potentially slated to be included in C# 8.0. I have to admit, at first I didn't "get it" but I've been doing some... Read More...
30 December 2012
Singleton Pattern Implementation in C#: One Global Object Instance, One Entry Point
This post is going to explain how to implement the Singleton Pattern in .Net/C#. In most other programming languages/frameworks, global variables are allowed. In modern day programming this is extremely frowned upon, hence where this design pattern comes in handy: It provides a global object with only... Read More...
23 September 2012
Template Method Implementation in C#: An Easy Way to Make Your Code Hum Along
A pet project I’ve been working on (on and off, time permitting) has been in need of some serious refactoring, so I finally sat down to eliminate some redundancy, and work on some design pattern work. A common problem in software design is making sure base class implementation is always called from overrides... Read More...