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05 September 2012
Adding DISQUS to Community Server Sites is awesome. Finally, a centralized location for comment conversations to occur. Plus, they manage all the comment spam for you. Here’s how to add it to Community Server blog (I have not done this for the forum section, but I assume it’s just as easy). In your theme folder, in themes\blogs... Read More...
26 September 2008
CS Tidbit #28: Creating Nested Navigation Bar Items
In my previous CS Tidbit, I outlined how to add an archive page to your blogs to free up some sidebar real estate while still giving readers access to our post history. Of course, now that we have this in place, how do we let our readers know where it is? In the past, adding links to one of the standard... Read More...
22 September 2008
CS Tidbits #27: Add An Archive Page For Blogs
It's been a while since I've posted any CS Tidbits, but now that Community Server 2008.5 has been released, it's time to get back in gear and post some tips and tricks that I'm learning as I get to know this new release. If you're like me and have been blogging for a non-trivial amount... Read More...
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21 April 2007
CS Tidbits #26 -- Harness The Power Of Config File Overrides
Now that Community Server 2007 has been released, it's time to fire up the CS Tidbits category again and see what I can come up with. Coming tidbits will still be geared towards site admins (making your site easier to use, simple tweaks and additions, etc), but I'll also go into some details... Read More...
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04 December 2006
CS Tidbits #25: Disable Stale Spam Comment Auditing
I've been in the process of building some Community Server add-ins lately (namely a couple of Control Panel add-ins) and stumbled across today's tidbit: Comments that are deemed as spam (they have accrued enough points to be considered as such) and are also flagged as stale (they've been sitting in your... Read More...
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01 December 2006
CS Tidbits #24: Aggregate Your Site's Aggregates
This question came up over on the forums recently: "Is there a 'super' aggregate for all feeds in a Community Server installation?" The short answer is no, however with the introduction of Content Mirroring in the 2.1 release, the somewhat longer answer is yes...but it isn't apparent at first... Read More...
16 October 2006
CS Tidbits #23: Tweak Your Mirrored Content Job
Today's tidbit is another easy one to implement that would otherwise go unnoticed unless you were experiencing the same issues that some of the CS MVPs were having on our dedicated box. Short version: If you have more than a trivial number of feeds defined for a mirrored content section (in my case... Read More...
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08 September 2006
CS Tidbits #22: Tame That Tag Cloud
Rob Howard recently posted about an interesting topic: Should tags in CS be moderated . My opinion on that is outside the realm of today's tidbit (though I'll give you a hint...I think options are always a good thing), but there is a sort of band-aid solution that can be applied in the interim if site... Read More...
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20 August 2006
CS Tidbits #21: Exploring The CS Spam Blocker
Blog's the new (well, not so new) scourge of the internet. On my site alone I get several hundred attempts a day from spammers wanting to leave their garbage on my blog. Fortunately Community Server ships with a built-in spam blocking tool; unfortunately it's not very well documented and can... Read More...
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17 August 2006
CS Tidbits #20: Add Basic Stats To Your Blog
I pulled a Ken in that I wrote a basic BlogStats control quite a while back and simply forgot about it, and it actually fits perfectly into my current series of CS Tidbits. So I busted it out of Vault and cleaned it up a bit and added it to my current (soon to be published) CS Custom Controls project... Read More...
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