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16 September 2012
Visual Studio 2012/TFS 2012: A Breath of Fresh Air
Visual Studio 2012 hasn’t been released to the general public yet, but a friend of mine was nice enough to lend me his MSDN copy of both VS and Team Foundation Server (I run Sharepoint 2010 on my intranet, which is a requirement for TFS…the integration is incredible). While you’re at it, do yourself... Read More...
26 January 2007
ApplicationSettingsBase.[Insert Event Name Here] Discrepancy
Microsoft has done a good job when it comes to event naming within the BCL by following a common naming pattern: the gerund form of the verb is used during the act of doing something (i.e. Form.Closing), whereas the past tense is used after the act has completed (ala Form.Closed). They've also done a... Read More...
07 November 2006
Microsoft, I'm Pleading With You
I've mentioned this before, but I'm going to mention it again: Microsoft is absolutely killing me with their version mismatching versioning scheme as of late. A list of complaints: The .Net Framework v3.0 is anything but a major release...hell, it's barely even a point release. It should be called .Net... Read More...
13 July 2006
.Net Framework 3.0 -- Microsoft's Versioning Scheme Baffles Me
What with the announcement of WinFX being renamed to .Net 3.0 , there has been some confusion as to exactly what .Net 3.0 really is. Kirk does a great job of explaining it here (a bit dated, I’m way behind on my news), but I’m still confused as to why this will be a major release and not... Read More...
17 May 2006
CodePlex -- Not Impressed
The buzz around CodePlex is starting to make me nauseous. I first read about it yesterday and was actually somewhat excited about it (and was even in the middle of hammering out a post saying “great idea”…then I started poking around the site and promptly deleted the draft). I’m... Read More...
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13 March 2006
Visual SourceSafe Is So 20th Century
Let’s face it. Visual SourceSafe is pathetic. The admin tool is horrible, the fact that it uses a text file based database (if you can call it that) system to track projects is antiquated, and anyone who’s ever had to administer a VSS installation knows that if you even look at the database wrong, it... Read More...
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31 October 2005
I Am Not a Spaghetti Coder
Though I’m the first to admit that I used to be back in the good ol’ VB6/ASP days. We all have to start somewhere right? When .Net came out 5 years ago it forced us all to rethink how we code; .Net 2.0 is going to further reinforce this mantra, which is a good thing. Here are some of the things I try... Read More...
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04 August 2005
A Case For and Against the Enterprise Library
A Case For and Against the Enterprise Library : Already, I've run into an interesting issue: when it is better to forgo the code of the Enterprise Library and roll your own, vs. using existing code. Roll your own what? Well, the MS Enterprise Library is a set of source code (in both VB.Net and C#) that... Read More...
18 July 2005
Applied .Net Attributes -- A Great Read
Attributes in .Net are given the red headed stepchild treatment; misunderstood, misused, and widely ignored (at least in most of the projects I’ve worked on). They were one of those new features exposed by .Net that most of us coming from a legacy background simply didn’t understand…for... Read More...
18 May 2005
Signing Into Passport for the Microsoft Support Site?
Maybe it’s just been a while since I’ve been to the Microsoft support site, but since when do you have to sign into passport to view articles? Steps to reproduce: Google “Serialize to xml c#”. Click this link (should be the 3rd one down). Get prompted to sign in to passport. Actually... Read More...
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