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13 March 2019
How To: Configure Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless Authentication With Windows NPS And RADIUS
I've seen quite a few people asking for a basic overview on how to configure Windows NPS (Network Policy Server, Microsoft's implementation of the RADIUS authentication protocol) to work with UBNT equipment. This guide focuses on Unifi, but should be easily translatable to Edge/etc. if you know your way around that system. I'll also drill down into configuring MAC Based Authentication (MBA) which is a popular way to authenticate clients that otherwise don't allow for WPA2-Enterprise authentication to wireless networks (which is most IoT devices). MBA allows you to authenticate clients based on their MAC address, which allows them to "automatically" be granted access by simply passing along their MAC address as the username/password combination. You create accounts in Active Directory with the MAC address as the username/password, and then you can group those accounts into AD Groups, AD Organizational Units (OU's) so that you can apply various AD policies to... Read More...