Dashlane Password Manager: The One Password Manager to Rule Them All

Over the years I've tried quite a few password manager/autofill utilities, and none of them have quite offered the full integration experience I've needed, at least nothing above and beyond what browsers and operating systems have built into them...I've always ended up uninstalling them and going back to whatever is built in. My last attempt at this was LastPass, but it just felt kludgy, and got in my way more than it actually helped (continuous prompting for 2 factor auth, and the mobile apps were pretty bad).

Why do I need a password manager? Why does *anyone* need a password manager? For me, I've always been looking for something cross platform as I have myriad OS's, browsers, platforms...and each has its own built in solution, but of course it's locked to that one "thing". iOS's keychain is actually my favorite since it's literally one click and done, but this does me no good on my Windows machines (I don't use Apple laptops). Firefox has a great solution for sync'ing up across platforms, and supports 2FA (two factor auth) which is an absolute must for me these days. But this is tied to Firefox, and I don't use Firefox on iOS.

I figured I'd give one more solution a shot...Dashlane has been getting rave reviews, and it's fairly new so the hopes were high that it would have a modern interface, and would be easy to use. Those expectations were met, and then some. Here are the great features that make Dashlane stand apart from the competition:

- 30 day free trial with NO limitations, except for the VPN feature (more on this in a bit).

- Single installer on the Windows platform, with a centralized "dashboard" instead of having to use browser specific ones. It also imports all of your passwords from any browser, and then automatically sync's them across all platforms, and the list is deduplicated.

- 2FA support, which is a must for anything these days. It also has a built in 2FA one time code generator, with support for autofill from it (this is huge, no more typing in 6 character OTC's).

- It has an "inline password changer" which supports over 500 websites. You simply click the password changer, search for the site you want to change your password for, and it will automatically change your password for you without having to visit the website itself (and of course it stores and sync's your updated password). This is such a cool feature, you can choose your password, or have it generate something ridiculously complex for you.

- If you opt for the premium tier (which is very affordable at $5/month), you get a built in VPN solution with easy 1 click operation to turn it on. Very handy for when you have to hop on a non-secured wifi spot at the coffee shot, airport, or hotel. I tested the speeds on my local network, and got well over 100mb/s, so line degradation is minimal. This alone is worth the $60/year IMO, especially given how easy it is to turn on. You can also just leave it on when you're on LTE if you don't trust your mobile provider. Dashlane promises it doesn't monitor/store any info about your VPN sessions.

- It's a made in the USA app! HQ'd in New York City, and so far their support has been incredible (I've opted in to a business account, which is $4/month, see next bullet).

- They also offer business accounts with the ability to centralize and share passwords for your company, with a simple modern easy to use dashboard. This is the tier I've opted into. Behind the scenes, they offer an easy to use Active Directory integration script, as well as integration into AD Federation Services. I had to contact support about how to integrate with my ADFS installation, and they responded in less than a day with a clear concise walkthrough on how to do this.

So far I'm sold, mainly due to the centralized dashboards, and the modern looking apps/webpages (other solutions just feel old, sloppy, cumbersome...Dashlane is sleek, svelte, straightforward, and very easy to use). If you've been looking for a good password/autofill solution, or are unhappy with your current solution (I'm looking at you 1Password and LastPass), go give this package a shot. You have nothing to lose since you get a full featured 30 day trial. This is how password managers are supposed to be.