December 2018 - Posts

29 December 2018
Default Interface Methods in C#: What Are Traits, and Why Are They Needed?
Curious to see what my fellow .Net developers/architects think of this new language feature that's been bandied about since at least early 2017, though it's now potentially slated to be included in C# 8.0. I have to admit, at first I didn't "get it" but I've been doing some serious research on my own over the past few weeks, and had an aha moment when I read the accompanying research document linked to in this page. By allowing method implementations in interfaces, this would enable "traits" in C#, which has proven itself to be a very powerful programming paradigm in other languages. So what are traits? Traits can be thought of as something between an interface, and a mixin. Basically, it allows you to create chunks of reusable code that provide "behavior" aspects to classes, but by definition are not allowed to hold any state. We can do this now via interfaces, but it's up to the class itself to implement the behavior, thus negating the... Read More...
29 December 2018
Dashlane Password Manager: The One Password Manager to Rule Them All
Over the years I've tried quite a few password manager/autofill utilities, and none of them have quite offered the full integration experience I've needed, at least nothing above and beyond what browsers and operating systems have built into them...I've always ended up uninstalling them and going back to whatever is built in. My last attempt at this was LastPass, but it just felt kludgy, and got in my way more than it actually helped (continuous prompting for 2 factor auth, and the mobile apps were pretty bad). Why do I need a password manager? Why does *anyone* need a password manager? For me, I've always been looking for something cross platform as I have myriad OS's, browsers, platforms...and each has its own built in solution, but of course it's locked to that one "thing". iOS's keychain is actually my favorite since it's literally one click and done, but this does me no good on my Windows machines (I don't use Apple laptops). Firefox has... Read More...
12 December 2018
The Web Is The New Desktop: Microsoft Announces Chromium To Power Edge
I remember a heated debate I had with a colleague years ago about how web browsers are platforms (he was arguing they weren't...the irony is that he was a designer, but that's neither here nor there), and if the past few years have been any indication, this is most decidedly the case now more than ever. And most would argue that Chromium is what is now powering this "new desktop", especially when you factor in Electron, which powers many apps like Slack, Teams, VS Code, and a whole slew of others. Electron is powered by Chromium, but is owned by GitHub (which in turn is now owned by Microsoft). Seems like a tangled love story, but really what this means is that Microsoft now has a substantial amount of skin in the future of Chromium since it owns the platform (Electron) that is powering a huge new wave of "desktop" apps. Microsoft has had a storied history of different frameworks for desktop apps: Windows Forms, Then WPF and XAML (which was quite nice admittedly... Read More...