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27 March 2018
Career Advancement: The Highly Sought After Solutions Architect Role
Recently I attained the title of Solutions Architect in my career, which is exactly what I wanted to be when I embarked on this career path 16 years ago. Even though I’ve basically been doing the role of a Solutions Architect for a few years now, obtaining the official title and the official responsibilities has been such an incredible feeling for me. So what is a Solutions Architect, and what do we do in the field of software engineering and product development? First some background. At most point in a software engineer’s career, a choice must be made on what path to pursue, and this usually happens around the time a developer hits the Sr. Developer waypoint: Diverge and go into management, or continue down the technical path, towards the architect end of the spectrum. In a nutshell, Solutions Architects are generally the most senior technical individuals within the organization. The next level up would be an Enterprise Architect, but for the most part, EA’s are more... Read More...