August 2017 - Posts

27 August 2017
JK [DOT] COM Version 4.0 Launched: Rebranding and Refocusing
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you JK [DOT] COM v4.0 Things have been quiet around here. A little too quiet. Unfortunately, I feel that blogging has become a little passé and it’s something I keep meaning to stay above water on, but every time I promise to do more blogging, I set myself up for failure. Not really failure per se, but it’s something I know I won’t be able to keep up on a regular basis. Social Media killed personal blogging, it’s just easier to distribute content on the larger platforms. Recently, I rebranded and launched version 4.0 of the portfolio of websites. The redesign itself wasn’t the hard part…like so many re-launches of websites, it was the backend that proved to be most time consuming. My platform serves dual purposes: To be a landing zone for visitors to find me, and to serve as a portal for client projects. There’s a lot of stuff non-clients will never get to see (if you want to see it, let... Read More...