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01 March 2013
The Most Common Question I Answer on a Regular Basis: "How Do I Learn How to Write Code?"
This is one of the most pervasive questions asked in my industry from folks who are not professional software developers, but perhaps have an interest in pursuing it as a hobby, or as a career: "So, how do I learn how to write code?" I'll start with my own experience as to how I got into this industry as a professional, will mention how some of my colleagues got started, and will try to wrap it all up with what I would have done differently and/or the ideal way to learn how to write software. A common misconception about writing code is that it's difficult. Writing code is a very abstract process, and is only as difficult as you choose to make it. There are an infinite number of ways to achieve a working piece of software, some of them right, many more wrong. It's only through years of making lots of mistakes that you learn how not to write code, but I think very few professionals no matter what their skill level produce code that is 100% correct, and even the word... Read More...