Adding DISQUS to Community Server Sites is awesome. Finally, a centralized location for comment conversations to occur. Plus, they manage all the comment spam for you. Here’s how to add it to Community Server blog (I have not done this for the forum section, but I assume it’s just as easy).

In your theme folder, in themes\blogs\NAME\ you are using, find the post.aspx file and add the code supplied by disqus. just below the </CSBlog:PostAttachmentData> tag. Also, disqus doesn’t play nice with the default <!DOCTYPE> in Community Server, so change/add a META tag to <meta content='IE=edge' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'/> in the themes\NAME\Common\master.Master file.

What disqus accomplishes is something I touched on in my last post: Consolidation of information on the web. I look forward to having a better way to keep up with discussions.