August 2012 - Posts

29 August 2012
Are Personal Websites/Blogs Passé?
I have a love/hate relationship with my personal website/blog. When I started this site almost 9 years ago, social networking wasn’t even in the vocabulary of the internet, and personal branding was a must have. Fast forward to 2012, and Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are ubiquitous, and Tumblr is a great turnkey solution. I purposely left out Google+ because like so many other companies, they are way too late to the party. This website is a labor of love, but a little more laborious as of late than loving. Running a personal website is a lot of work: Hosting costs, infrastructure work (DNS entries, SLR’s, dealing with the daily deluge of comment spam, bug fixes, trolls…*sigh*). There are so many options out now, which also creates new problems: Store your content on one site, photos on another, and if you are a coder like myself, do we use CodePlex, GitHub, etc. for our code? How do we integrate all of these into one cohesive entity to brand ourselves now? And what about syncing all of... Read More...