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17 August 2010
Windows Live Writer Beta
It took me a couple of tries to get the new Windows Live beta package installed on my machine; the secret fix for me was to enable the Windows Firewall service (I disable it since I’m behind other firewalls), so if your install is failing, turn on the Firewall service. You can turn it off again after you’re done. The previous version of Windows Live Writer hasn’t worked on any of my machines for quite some time now, so it’s nice that the new version actually works again. I might actually start keeping up with my blog again, although in a completely new mode of content since my tech days are long behind me (professionally at least). If you want to test drive the new Windows Live Essentials beta, you can download it from here . The new Windows Live Messenger is worth the download alone in my opinion. Much more polished, and you can plug it into social networks like Facebook, etc. So let’s see if this new version actually works, and if it does look for more updates in this space. I have my... Read More...