November 2008 - Posts

08 November 2008
Vista Gigabit Performance Issues: Fixed
Like quite a few folks, I've been plagued by issues with Vista on a Gigabit LAN, namely seeing throughput that's a fraction of what it should be. I tried the fixes Scott Hanselman outlined in his excellent Vista Gigabit post to no avail. The Google gods must have been smiling on me yesterday because I found an article I had not seen before: Disable Vista network autotuning . In a nutshell, open an elevated command prompt and run the following: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable I'm now seeing sustained throughput between Vista and other machines on my network in the neighborhood of 80-100 MB/s. From what I've read, none of these 'fixes' are needed when all machines are utilizing SMB 2.0, e.g. Vista <-> Windows 2008 or other Vista clients. Regardless, it's great to finally be able to utilize all of my LAN bandwidth after almost a year of frustration. Read More...
03 November 2008
Obama Picks UNCC As His Last Stop Before Election
Barack Obama has chosen UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the university I'm attending) as his last stop before the elections on Tuesday. It's pretty telling when a state that can only be described as historically very red is not only a democratic candidate's last stop, but is also seemingly going to go blue, exactly what kind of change people actually want. We're honored to have you here on the eve of the elections. Read More...