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01 January 2008
Best. Wedding. Ever. Sorry Ladies, Matt Brandau Is Off The Market
A very good friend of mine, Matt Brandau recently got married to a wonderful woman, and I had the pleasure of attending. Here are some photos from the festivities . It was without a doubt the most fun reception I've ever attended...Matt is a professional bassist (shameless plug, he now plays with The Old Ceremony ; an amazing band out of Chapel Hill...definitely check out some of their music @ the link above) with a degree in music from UNC. All of his previous bands were in attendance and got up on stage at one point or another to perform. Hilarity ensued, and it'll be a tough act to follow whenever I get married one day. Congratulations Matt...you guys are a beautiful couple and I'm sure you'll have a lifetime of happiness together. All of the 'core' crew is married up; my buddy Jason Dulin and I are the only bachelors left. Sidenote: Where the heck has Jayson been lately? Taking a break from blogging. Actually, ever since I've discovered Twitter ( I'm... Read More...