November 2007 - Posts

10 November 2007
eVGA 8800GT Video Card -- The Way Games Are Supposed To Be Played
The title of this post is a blatant rip off of nVidia's current tagline; I felt it rings more true than ever with nVidia's newest offering: Their 8800GT is out of this world when it comes to price/performance in video cards. The story behind how I got mine is more interesting than it should be though. I was fortunate enough to purchase one from MWave the day after they were released (most eTailers sold out within hours), and had it overnighted to me for the very reasonable price of about $280.00 for a card that performs better than most cards costing twice as much. To make a long story short, the first card I received was DOA. No video signal, and Device Manager would not recognize the card. The real fun came after I pulled the card out of my machine though: I got about half a dozen blue screens in rapid succession, and was finally able to coax Vista into safe mode to start digging around and yanking out drivers. That was fruitless though; attempting to remove any type of drivers... Read More...