October 2007 - Posts

14 October 2007
Valve's Orange Box -- A Great Way to Spend Less Time With Friends and Family
First off, add me as friend over on Steam Community! If the little things in life like spending quality time with family, friends, pets, etc are important to you then I would highly recommend not purchasing the latest offering from Valve Software: The Orange Box . The majority of my weekend has been spent playing a smattering of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Of the 3, I've spent most of the time playing Portal which from a purely gameplay point of view is one of the more amazing games I've ever played. I see it as more of a proof of concept and am sure Valve will be incorporating some of the coolness factor exhibited within in future titles. Half-Life 2 E2 is of course pretty amazing as well. It's easy to see that some portions of the gaming engine have been rewritten and registers pretty high on the coolness factor. It is simply amazing looking, and is fairly lean as well as it runs very nicely on my aging ATI 1950 Pro video card with all settings maxed... Read More...
14 October 2007
Microsoft PerformancePoint Server Case Study Featuring Skanska USA
A few weeks ago at Skanska, a film crew showed up at Skanska's office here in Charlotte to shoot some footage for a then-upcoming case study Microsoft was doing featuring Skanska and the work we've done with MS PerformancePoint Server . The crew spent the entire day onsite doing interviews with various department heads and directors, as well as getting general shots around the office. I didn't think much of it until my boss informed us recently that the film they shot was going to be used at the PerformancePoint global launch in New York a few days ago. The film along with MS's case study on Skanska and PerformancePoint has now been published to the MS website , as well as the video they shot onsite (~3 minutes long). Yours truly is featured in a couple of spots in the video, thankfully in a non-speaking role. Allen Emerick is the main focus; he's our boss and he also was part of the keynote at the launch event in NYC. Even though I don't know much about PerformancePoint... Read More...