MSDN Event In Charlotte – Silverlight, LINQ and WCF

Microsoft is having an MSDN event here in Charlotte on the 16th of August with topics on Silverlight, LINQ and WCF, all of which are pretty exciting technologies coming down the pipe for the Visual Studio 2008/.Net Framework 3.5 release later this year. I know I'm pretty excited about them! Our group at Skanska has been given the thumbs up to attend, so if any readers will be in attendance feel free to drop me a line and perhaps we can meet up for some lunch beforehand.

In other news...

The first couple weeks at the new gig have gone quite say I work with some bright guys would be an understatement. The group synergy is amazing, which is one of the most important aspects when it comes to building software. I've got some pretty cool stuff I'm working on, all of which will make for some interesting posts down the line at some point. The nature of Skanska's business makes for a very interesting enterprise architecture which I'm still getting my head wrapped around, but there's some pretty amazing stuff going on, so hopefully I'll be able to get into some specifics of that soon as well. It's a company that I've found myself very much getting behind when it comes to their core values, and how they apply those values to the line of business they are in.

Gotta give Skanska a pat on the back for their latest contract: We landed the contract for renovating the UN HQ in NYC, a deal that will be worth $1bn USD over the next 7 years. To be a part of the company that's making that happen feels pretty damn cool, and knowing that our group had a hand in building some of the technology that will go into the project is even cooler.