Community Server 2007 Has Been Released

Just a few hours ago, Community Server 2007 was released into the wild! From the announcement:

Today we’re proud to announce the immediate availability of Community Server 2007 – the best version of Community Server yet!
There are a number of new improvements, but by far the largest is the new theme system “Chameleon”. Chameleon allows people to change the look-and-feel of Community Server without requiring a degree in Computer Science! There are simple to use what-you-see-is-what-you-get tools to assist you in changing colors, graphics, fonts, and more. Also sharing themes has never been easier – Community Server uses a single-file for exporting or importing all of its theme settings, which means you can quickly share your themes with your friends.

How do I get Community Server?

You can download and buy Community Server from
There are 3 install options available:

  • Community Server 2007, Windows Install – Uses a Windows installer package, but requires access to the desktop.
  • Community Server 2007, Web Install – Perfect for hosted applications and comes with a web install wizard.
  • Community Server 2007, One-Click – Perfect for developers or people that want to try Community Server

Where do I ask questions or read documentation?
For questions, please visit for documentation or FAQs please be sure and visit (our new Wiki and Knowledge Base are now available). Note, we’re still in the process of importing content from our previous documentation system so a few things aren’t working quite right yet in the Wiki.
Need to talk to someone? No Problem!
Please contact us at or call us at +1 972 407 0688. Note, we would prefer you start with the contact form.
We really hope you enjoy Community Server 2007!

To say this release is amazing would be an understatement so I'll let the bits do the talking for themselves. New to this release is the 'One-Click' option which is a completely self-contained version of CS, no configuration necessary. All you need is the freely available SQL Server Express and the ability to double click a mouse. Seriously, that's it. So anyone who's ever had any trepidation about getting a CS installation up and running, or perhaps just isn't interested in things like configuring IIS and running SQL scripts then this is the best place to start.

I'd personally like to extend my gratitude to the folks over at Telligent for building such a fantastic product, and to all the other MVPs as well. The CS family is a strong one!


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 9:51 AM