ScottGu Has A Power Packed Outline Of Orcas Up

Scott Guthrie continues to show us why he's the man with the plan over at Microsoft with a huge post on some features new to Orcas:

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Europe was getting the chance to publicly show off some of the new features in our next release of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework (codename: "Orcas") for the first time publicly. 

You can download the deck I presented here.  You can also watch a version of the Belgium talk that Tom posted on the web here (note: another version taken from my WebDD talk in the UK will also be posted shortly).

"Orcas" is going to be a pretty exciting release, and contains a ton of great functionality that I think you will really love.  I'll be drilling down into more details of it over the next few months in many more blog posts.  Below are a few screen-shots from demos I showed over the weekend in my talks in Europe.  Note that they are just a few of the features - there are a lot more features I have yet to talk about. :-)

He also mentions that all of the features mentioned in his post will be available in the February CTP of Orcas.  My favorite (non eye candy) new feature will be the ability to target multiple versions of the .Net framework...the new CSS related stuff is extremely cool as well.  As much as folks like to bitch about some of the software that MS produces, Visual Studio has been (and continues to be) one of their best products.  Does anyone remember Visual InterDev?  Wow, we've come a long way since then.