Digitally Imported Radio -- Techno Channel

Digitally Imported Radio (my favorite streaming music choice for years now) recently added a new channel to their repertoire: TechnoAAC stream, 96k stream, and 32k WMP stream locations.  Not for the faint of heart, but it's great stuff to code to.  Casual electronica listeners might be thinking to themselves "isn't all electronica also called techno?"  Yeah, kinda...but techno in itself is also a sub-genre of electronica, and it's hard to describe so just have a listen'll either love it or hate it.

Sidenote:  I recently came across this dandy over on Jon Galloway's site: Open Playlist In Windows Media.  Essentially what it does is parse a .pls file for the underlying URL of the streaming media so that it can be played in Windows Media Player.  Included in the package is a link to the Orban AAC codec for WMP, which of course allows for playback of AAC encoded streams in WMP.  After a long run with WinAmp (5+ years) I have removed it from my system and am WMP only.  Well, until something else comes along :-).

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