CS Tidbits #24: Aggregate Your Site's Aggregates

This question came up over on the CS.org forums recently: "Is there a 'super' aggregate for all feeds in a Community Server installation?" 

The short answer is no, however with the introduction of Content Mirroring in the 2.1 release, the somewhat longer answer is yes...but it isn't apparent at first glance.  What you'll need to do is create a new Mirrored Content Section to house your site's existing syndication feeds (in essence what you're doing is combining all of your feeds into a single section); by doing this that section will then expose a new feed containing all of your site's content, thus a single feed for your entire site.  This may sound a little confusing if you're not familiar with how Content Mirroring works in CS...for a refresher see tidbits 16 and 18 (though in this case, the steps outlined in #18 are optional).

Sidenote:  Things have been quiet from most of the CS MVPs, and over on CS.org in general.  I personally attribute this to CS becoming a more self-sustaining entity...just a few months ago it was all anyone could do to keep up with the amount of posts coming in over on the forums, but I've noticed recently that A) the CS community is growing which means B) the amount of viable content over on the support forums is growing as well.  The fact that Telligent has the likes of Dave Burke and Rick Reszler manning the forums on a regular basis certainly helps as well.  For me this has been delightful to watch, especially having been actively involved with CS for over 2 years now; I can only imagine how giddy this makes the Telligent devs seeing the fruits of their labor create its own eco-system.  For me, this is what community based collaboration and support is all about...knowing at the end of the day that perhaps you made someone's life just a little bit easier.

Anyone else feeling reminiscent should take a stroll down J-O's CS Museum page.


# Community Server Bits said:

Jayson Knight elaborates on a forums post we covered recently on how to create a "Super Aggregate Feed"

Monday, March 12, 2007 6:01 AM