Microsoft, I'm Pleading With You

I've mentioned this before, but I'm going to mention it again: Microsoft is absolutely killing me with their version mismatching versioning scheme as of late.  A list of complaints:

  1. The .Net Framework v3.0 is anything but a major release...hell, it's barely even a point release.  It should be called .Net 2.0 extensions or something similar.  A 3.0 release should contain new versions of all the core assemblies, like WinForms, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, etc...all 3.0 includes is WCF, WPF, and WWF (sans WinFS...old news, but still sorely missed) which are bolt-ons to the existing 2.0 framework.  Hell, none of the *LINQ stuff even made into the "3.0" release.
  2. Including the newly released Windows SDK v6.0, I now have 4 different versions of various .Net SDK's installed on my machine with no clue which ones I can remove without breaking other stuff.  The SDK's are huge, I could put some of that drive space to better use.  Even better, most of those SDK's don't show up in Add/Remove programs and/or have no uninstaller.
  3. The CTP mayhem has absolutely GOT TO GO.  MS is indeed pushing a new VM based preview program for some of their newer server products (and also released a VM CTP for Orcas a while back).  Don't get me wrong, CTP's are great (even though I gave up on them long ago due to all the headaches involved with trying to keep up with all the different versions, and which play/don't play nice with other various CTP versions), but how about wrapping all the compatible ones up into a VM we can download say...once a quarter.  The monthly releases are impossible to keep up with.
  4. Speaking of CTPs, the .Net 3.0 WCF and WPF VS extensions are being released as a CTP.  And it gets even better (the short version...this is the last release of these extensions for VS 2005, and are not supported via official MS channels):
    1. This release contains a preview of the Visual Designer for Windows Presentation Foundation (code name "Cider"). More information can be found on the Channel 9 Wiki site for Cider. This release does not include a graphical design surface for the Windows Communication Foundation.  This is the last release of this technology that will be in the form of a set of extensions for Visual Studio 2005. Any new technology in this space will be included in CTPs of the next full version of Visual Studio which is currently code named “Orcas”.

  5. The latest Orcas CTP was a was 95% identical to VS 2005 (at least it was released as a dif'd VHD image, so future CTP "upgrades" will be painless).

Microsoft, I'm pleading with you...please get back to some sort of standard versioning scheme, and release related software together (ala the upcoming Vista, Exchange, and Office launches...if you can get 3 of your largest products launched within the same 24 hours, surely you can do the same with smaller products).  My machine is now a mismatched hodgepodge of various .Net components/extensions/IDE's in varying states of completion.  This is strictly my opinion, but the .Net 3.0 "release" is already a disaster mess, namely because it's incomplete as far as IDE integration.  If it ain't done, don't ship it...we've waited this long, so what's a few more months or whatnot?  This developer is extremely disappointed, especially when I look back on all the features that were promised back in the 3.0 inception/planning phases.