Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter -- Very Impressive

My game playing has suffered a bit as of late (the whole not-spending-12-hours-a-day-in-front-of-a-computer-anymore thing prohibits it), I did recently stumble across a great special Circuit City was having last weekend ago and picked up Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter for $9.99 (it's currently $24.99 for anyone who's interested) which is an absolute steal for a game that retails at 50 bucks.  The Ghost Recon series is number 3 on my list of favorite series: #1 being Half Life, and #2 being Clancy's Splinter Cell series (when is Double Agent coming out for PC?!?).

In short, I'm hooked.  Graphically it's not as impressive as HL2, but the gameplay experience is incredible...and very tough which is a welcome change.  I haven't jumped into multi-player missions yet (still getting the hang of single player) but I am looking forward to some late night frag fests at some point.  Clancy is a genius (oddly enough I never really got into any of his novels).

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