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10 February 2006
This CoComment Thing Seem To Be Really Taking Off
CoComment seems to be getting quite a bit of blog airtime over the past couple of days…could it be the next Technorati ? I actually think it has the potential to be that and oh so much more. A couple of stats from their blog : They’ve had a huge traffic spike according to Alexa , so much that they’ve had to stop doling out invites , and order more machines . They were beating the Superbowl in number of searches on Technorati for a while. They got a plug over on MoBuzz . They have also posted a thread calling for some community feedback; my .02 is on there. They definitely have their work cut out for them, and I hope they don’t lose sight of what they’re really trying to accomplish. They need to focus on features, and not on getting support for every single blogging engine under the sun. So long as they can publish a consistent and easy to use API, the engine developers (or plug-in developers) will catch on and do the work for them and they can put their talents... Read More...
08 February 2006
Test Post From a Tool I Can't Discuss (Yet)
This is a test post from a tool I can't discuss as of yet. Let's see how it handles some basic text formatting. This is an italic blockquote. Bold is yummy. So is underlined text. Numbered list: Ordered list. List item number 2. Bulleted list: Bullet 1. Bullet 2. And finally, code formatting: 1 // Design pattern for a base class. 2 public class Base: IDisposable 3 { 4 //Implement IDisposable. 5 public void Dispose() 6 { 7 Dispose( true ); 8 GC.SuppressFinalize( this ); 9 } 10 11 protected virtual void Dispose( bool disposing) 12 { 13 if (disposing) 14 { 15 // Free other state (managed objects). 16 } 17 // Free your own state (unmanaged objects). 18 // Set large fields to null. 19 } 20 21 // Use C# destructor syntax for finalization code. 22 ~Base() 23 { 24 // Simply call Dispose(false). 25 Dispose ( false ); 26 } 27 } Ok let's see if this works. Read More...
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08 February 2006
Adding CoComment Support to Community Server
[Update] I've updated my code to use Thomas Freudenberg's solution, which can be found in the trackbacks of this post. I posted earlier about CoComment , which is an online tool that allows you to track comments you make on other blogs (if you go plug in your email address on their site, you’ll get a beta key within a day or so if you want to try it out, which I highly recommend doing). At the time of that posting, CoComment only supported the big name blogging engines, and from what I gathered somewhat poorly at that. So I emailed the development team asking if there was anything I could do from my end to expedite the process of getting more blogging engines in the mix, namely Community Server of course. Lo and behold I get an email back from them a couple of days later stating they had gutted the approach they were taking (screen scraping) and were moving to a tag based system, and about a day after that I received another message pointing me towards this post on their site which outlines... Read More...
06 February 2006
My Attempt at an Internet Meme
This is my attempt at starting an internet meme (zero expectations, so it can’t fail). Haacked did it a while back , so hey why not? The premise is simple enough: Try to think back to what you wanted to do for a living at a specific age, i.e. start at age 4, then 8, etc…or 5, 10…but keep a constant number of years between ages. Here’s my list: 4: I wanted to be a garbage man, or a bus driver (yeah, my mother was absolutely thrilled at the high standards I set for myself). I just liked the big trucks. 8: I wanted to be a paleontologist . I think every kid on the planet eventually goes through this stage…I was an absolute dinosaur fanatic around this time. 12: I wanted to be a lawyer (actually my mother was the first to mention this; I was a very argumentative kid and it was around this time that I actually started winning my arguments with her so she said “hey, you should be a lawyer.” I’m really glad I changed my mind). 16: I wanted to... Read More...
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05 February 2006
Superbowl Halftime Show...Bleh
It doesn’t really matter to me as I’m not a Stones fan whatsoever, but whoever the sound guy for is ABC needs to be taken out back and shot…it sounds absolutely horrible . It doesn’t even sound like they’re plugged into the board; there’s probably just a directional mic floating around the field somewhere...not at all the good way to do sound. If I were the Stones and I hear this tomorrow, I would complain quite loudly to the folks over at ABC; 100% unacceptable. I’m also rating this year’s commercials thusfar at around an 8 on the snooze-o-meter, even the GoDaddy one. God Mick really needs to shut up so we can get back to some football, he sounds terrible. Halftime shows are a joke ever since the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” a couple of years ago. Read More...
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04 February 2006
Prospects of Seattle are Looming Large
I’ve been given the thumbs up (and a huge thumbs up it was, more on that later) to blog about my most recent interviews with Microsoft. I’ll try and keep it short, but the most recent position I was contacted about is for a Technical Evangelist position on the Vista team. So far (to my knowledge at least), I’ve been rockin’ the interviews and things are moving forward rapidly. The good news is that it’s a pretty incredible position with Microsoft ( Scoble is a TE, which explains why I’ve been reading his blog today after swearing it off forever a while back. Rob Howard was one as well before leaving to found Telligent ). The even better news (depending on how you look at it) is that it’s based out of Seattle, which would give me a chance to get back to my west coast roots and get the hell out of Charlotte. The main premise of this position is to go into companies (large, small, medium, whatever) and show off the capabilities of Vista…mainly... Read More...
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04 February 2006
Anders Hejlsberg Dishes With Channel 9
Anders Hejlsberg recently sat down with the new Channel 9 series “Behind the Code” host Barbara Fox; the video can be streamed/downloaded from here . As with all Hejlsberg interviews, it’s very informative and entertaining, but light on the geek factor which is actually nice as we get to see a more personal side to him. It’s long (an hour), but is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen on Channel 9 to date. I wonder what this guy’s IQ is? Read More...
04 February 2006
Downtown Charlotte at Magic Hour
In the photography realm, it’s known as “magic hour”…everyone else usually just calls it twilight . I managed to catch downtown Charlotte right in the middle of it this evening and posted a photo here . As a point of reference, the camera is facing South by Southeast, so the setting sun really couldn’t be in a more perfect place to get this type of lighting on the buildings from the angle of my balcony. Sidenote: You can see a pretty big change in the lower right hand corner of my view from this photo (scroll down a bit) taken ~16 months ago; that big white obnoxious looking obstruction in the newer pic are dorms for the Charlotte campus of Johnson & Wales University which were completed just in time to annoy the holy hell out of me; at least once a week some idiot chef-in-training pulls the fire alarm and two fire trucks come screaming down the street to turn them off. Usually really late at night. Stupid college kids. If you’d like to see how ridiculously... Read More...
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04 February 2006
Track your comments, no matter where you make them
Hot off the presses via Scoble : Let’s say you track 10 blogs and you regularly post comments on all 10 blogs. Isn’t it a pain in the behind that you have to go around to each of the 10 blogs to participate in the comments? Well, minutes ago Laurent Haug showed us a service, CoComment, that tracks your comments in one place. This is awesome. Here’s a picture of Laurent showing this to us. As Scoble states, it’s currently in closed beta…but you can leave your email address over on CoComment to be notified when the service will be released. Scoble also stated that he’s trying to get more beta codes and will post them on his site when he does, so I’d check back every so often if it’s something you’re really interested in. I know I definitely am, it’s a nightmare trying to keep up with what discussions I’m having where. Sidenote: I stated a while back that I no longer read Scoble’s blog. That is indeed still correct, but... Read More...
01 February 2006
Guy Kawasaki is Blogging
I recently found out that Guy Kawasaki is blogging (via ScottW’s blog, the post aptly titled “ How To Be A Demo God ”): His site is located here . If I hadn’t grown up as an Apple fanatic, I wouldn’t have recognized his name; he goes way back to the early days of that company, and has done numerous other things in the technological realm as well. His blog is absolutely packed with information, and it’s one of the very few I’ve discovered recently that I’ve clicked on the first post and started reading from the very beginning. There is a reason this guy is (seemingly) quite good at what he does for a living, and it’s nice that he’s decided to share some of his insight. Enjoy. Read More...
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