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12 September 2004
Outlook Lookout is Out of Control!
I'm running into two issues with the Lookout plugin for Outlook: There appears to be a memory leak...and I'm 99% sure it's Lookout related. In task manager, outlook.exe spirals out of control if left unchecked, beyond 150 megs of RAM at times. I've never seen it balloon like this before (of course I'm noticing it more now that I'm down to half a gig of memory ). I'm noticing processor race conditions when my machine is left idle for 20 minutes or so. The culprit? outlook.exe pegging the processor at 100%. I don't know how I missed this one earlier. Simply bringing Outlook into focus eliminates the processor pegging. Anybody else seen issues like these? Google brought back no relevant info, and Lookout is unsupported by Microsoft. Strange stuff... Read More...
11 September 2004
Obligatory 9/11 Post -- Where Were You on 9/11?
Wow...has it been 3 years already? Where was I when all the commotion started happening? I was actually in the middle of a job interview ...ok, not actually in the middle of it, but getting ready for it. Not a good indicator as to what the outcome of the interview was going to be, and I guess the interview ended up being more of a formality than anything else as they obviously weren't going to hire anyone new until they got a read on the economy (or lack thereof as it turned out...they made the right decision). I had a friend in from out of town staying with me for the summer...her sister actually lives in NYC and saw the whole thing happen...I got to watch the entire event unfold via CNN a thousand miles away. I simply could not believe what was going on, simply unfathomable. The interview was at 11:00 AM, so I went, and it was actually a great interview (if anyone from AvidXChange is reading this, give me a call, I need work!!!)...great company with some pretty innovative products, plus... Read More...
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11 September 2004
Temperament Sorter
Stumbled across this test (yeah, registration required...before you register, wtf is this? ), but really dug the results (seems to be pretty right on) is my temperament according to this test (hope I live up to the results :-)): Your Temperament Is Rational Rationals, are the problem solving temperament, particularly if the problem has to do with the many complex systems that make up the world around us. Rationals might tackle problems in organic systems such as plants and animals, or in mechanical systems such as railroads and computers, or in social systems such as families and companies and governments. But whatever systems fire their curiosity, Rationals will analyze them to understand how they work, so they can figure out how to make them work better. In working with problems, Rationals try to find solutions that have application in the real world, but they are even more interested in the abstract concepts involved, the fundamental principles or natural laws that underlie the... Read More...
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09 September 2004
[OT] Wow...Sunshine!
The sun came out today for the first time in what felt like about a week, and finally I was able to walk my dog without getting drenched (umbrellas were useless). Frances gave us about 4 inches of rain before it was all said and done, but the Carolina mountains really took a beating, getting over a foot in some places. Of course, this paled in comparison to Hugo which came ripping straight through here 15 years ago. I was but a wee lad back then, and lived out in the country (well, it's not country anymore)...we were without power for almost a month, and couldn't even get out of our driveway for the better part of a week (a total of 6 trees were down on it). It was a crazy experience, and meteorologically speaking, a complete freak of nature that it hit Charlotte as a category 1 hurricane, and Charlotte was directly hit by the eye. _sigh_, the memories. Ok, back on topic soon :-) Read More...
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07 September 2004
GMail Gripes
Found some gripes with GMail (actually was going to write about 3 gripes, but they just fixed one of them recently...not letting you navigate away from an unsent email without prompting you to save it/send it/whatever...similar to what .Text does for posts). The gripe is: Email address autocomplete only works for multiple addresses seperated with a comma (if the previous email address is autocompleted, a comma is automatically inserted after the address, for email addresses keyed in manually, it's up to the user to key in a seperator...coming from the Outlook world, I use a semicolon (yes, this is configurable in Outlook prefs to accept a comma, which is my point)); I thought the autocomplete feature was half baked, but it only works in comma seperated email addresses. IMO, both commas and semicolons should be acceptable values. Nitpicky? Yes...however, most of their user based will be coming from Outlook/Outlook Express backgrounds. Other gripe: Automatic spell checking upon sending an... Read More...
04 September 2004
All's Well That Ends Well
My most recent contract is up (funny how a 3 month contract ends after...well...3 months). It was an interesting experience, plus I got to work with some of the fine folks from Avanade on a medium size project towards the end. Nice guys, and damn good at what they do for a living. So what's next for Jayson? To be honest, I'm a little burnt out on coding lately...I'm probably going to take some time off for family/friends/pets/etc as I've barely seen any of them lately. I'll be doing some small project work on the side (once a coder, always a's not really the coding that I'm burnt on, it's sitting in a cube farm (roll Office Space clip)), plus a bit of travelling as summer is almost over (freakin' flew by this year, I made it to my pool once). Of course I will return to corporate America as that's where the really cool projects are, not to mention better money...but not immediately. If anyone needs some part time help or knows of anyone that does, feel free to ping me. Cheers... Read More...
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