Google Gmail Information (Yes, It's Real)

I've been itching to post about gmail, but didn't want egg on my face about it being some sort of long drawn out April fool's prank.  My initial concern with gmail was “how on earth can it be cost effective to offer a gig of email storage to every subscriber?”  Well, apparently it's quite cost effective according to some people out there with more hardware knowledge than myself.  Some interesting posts/articles here, here, here, here, here, here, and here about how Google does business (the first of which is one of the more interesting blog posts I've read lately), and as to how they can justify offering this service.  There have been some concerns over the privacy policy, mainly that email is parsed for content so that relevant advertisements can be displayed (hey, they gotta make some money off this somehow); if you use any kind of web based email, you've already been subjected to this.  How do you think hotmail/yahoo/whatever strips out spam/viruses/etc?  Sometimes I think the privacy advocates sit around and wait for something to bitch about...I say bring it on, I have nothing to hide.  I hope they keep the interface as simple as their search site, one of the things I've always loved about Google is its' no frills GUI.  Other web based email systems (read, Hotmail) are just too much eye candy for me...which doesn't really matter anyhow as I am a devoted Outlook user.  I visit the Hotmail site about once a month to delete the couple hundred emails promising to repair my credit (it's fine to begin with), get a better mortgage (I rent), and,...well...we won't go any further than that.

It should be an interesting venture for Google, and I am looking forward to it.  Happy Googling.

[Edit 04/11/2004]

Adding another link sent via Shannon.

[Edit 04/13/2004]

Apparently this California legislator isn't too pleased about the new Gmail service from Google.  To this I say “leave it up to the consumers...believe it or not, we can make our own decisions.”  As always, Caveat Emptor.


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Let me introduce ourselves. We are the operators of . On the site you will see a brand new Google Gmail question and answer forum which we intend to build on with membership in the future. We wish to build a team of experts at a forum for this exciting new product.

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Sunday, April 11, 2004 3:51 PM