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12 February 2004
The Face of Bio-Chemistry is Forever Changed
What a wonderful day for science! The New York Times article is much better, however you have to register first. We all knew it was coming, we just didn't know from where. I personally think it's a monumental step forward and research like this could vastly improve our standard of living, so long as it's treated with tremendous respect...power like this (which is infinitely more powerful than even the most malicious WMD) needs to be handled with great care. We have essentially become our own creator and I doubt any of us could even begin to imagine the destructiveness that could be unleashed if this kind of power is abused. Of course we're going to have the pundits coming out of the woodwork who oppose such research, no doubt dubbing it “unethical” or “immoral”. While at surface level I may somewhat agree with the premises as such (this really is treading a thin line of what we should or should not do), I honestly believe that the advantages of this kind of research... Read More...
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10 February 2004
Ripped Off by eBay
it's been a while since i've posted a blog, i know...60 hour weeks really get to you after a while. i love technology and all, but sometimes enough is enough...my own dog doesn't even recognize me when i get home from work anymore. it's pretty rare that i get wriled up by the way a company chooses to do business. i'm usually quite patient and understanding, i have even gone almost a week without internet access (*gasp*) before, simply because i felt my ISP was doing everything they could to fix whatever was wrong...in short i could at least understand their reasoning for what was happening. today i experienced a rare incident that had me fuming, livid, and at a complete loss for words. as any internet savvy person knows, only a fool would actually go into an electronics store (best buy, circuit city, etc) and pay full price for something when they know they can usually do at least 10% (if not more) better on the price by hunting around online...my family knows this as well, so they were... Read More...
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02 February 2004
SQL Server Memory Management
have a look at this article for more than you ever wanted to know about how SQL Server manages memory. Read More...