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  • ASP.NET Performance Tuning/Analysis

    A role at my workplace that I've noticed a huge need for is one of a performance architect/analyst, which is a role I have been attempting to play a more active part in. By the very nature of the .Net framework and how much work it does for us, I think many of us throw performance considerations by the wayside and just assume that it will work when rolled out into production. Perhaps more times than not this is indeed the case initially, but inevitably performance issues are going to crop up and...
  • CS Tidbits #19: Enable Tag Cloud Topic Count

    No lengthy screencasts today, just a quick and easy way to add an enhancement to your site that I believe users will appreciate. I'm all about numbers, I don't know why. I like to see how many posts a blogger has made to their site, how many comments have been made, etc. It's a useful barometer (for me at least) so see if it's an active blog or not, i.e. if someone has made a bazillion posts but only has 5 comments, then something is obviously wrong. If there are only 50 posts but it has a bazillion...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Thu, Aug 17 2006 with 6 comment(s)
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  • Matriculating Into Columbia University, Moving to New York

    I have the proud distinction of being able to say that I have been accepted to Columbia University (yeah, that Columbia...the Ivy League one) and will be finishing up my degree there. I'm still in shock that it's actually happened, that I get to fulfill my lifelong dream of attending an Ivy League institution...and Columbia at that which is IMO the coolest of the Ivies, namely due to its location in Manhattan. I have busted my ass over the past year in my studies, and it's great to see...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Tue, Dec 8 2009 with 1 comment(s)
  • CS Tidbits #22: Tame That Tag Cloud

    Rob Howard recently posted about an interesting topic: Should tags in CS be moderated . My opinion on that is outside the realm of today's tidbit (though I'll give you a hint...I think options are always a good thing), but there is a sort of band-aid solution that can be applied in the interim if site admins notice their tag clouds spiraling rapidly out of control which can happen in one of 2 scenarios: Users are abusing tags, or you have a blog that hosts mirrored content from a large number of...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Thu, Sep 7 2006 with 3 comment(s)
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  • Blog Stats Take a Huge Dive -- Did Google Reindex?

    [Update]: Apparently I am in violation of Google’s Free Search Agreement by adding my own custom search box querying google without including a Google logo. By the time I realized I needed to include the logo, it was already too late.. So, search removed…hopefully I’ll be reindexed soon. Whatever google. I’m confused. I’ve been averaging ~350 unique visitors a day for the past few weeks; upon checking my stats for the day (via StatCounter ), I’m at a whopping 16...
  • Initial Premier Field Engineer Training -- Off To Seattle Soon

    So things appear to be rolling forward nicely as far as getting started with my new gig over at Microsoft. I'll be flying out to Seattle on May 6th for the 3 weeks of training that all Premier Field Engineers (PFE's) go through. Most of the training will be at Microsoft's Sammamish campus with a couple of days at the main Redmond campus (MS has 3 large campuses in and around Seattle...Issaquah is the 3rd). Following that 3 weeks of training, I'll do another month of shadowing other...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Mon, Apr 30 2007 with 7 comment(s)
  • Using Anonymous Methods For Control.Invoke/Control.BeginInvoke

    One commonality shared by most Windows Forms applications is the need for a responsive UI; this means implementing some sort of threading scheme so that processes can run on background threads so as to not interrupt the user's workflow while using the various controls placed on the UI itself. The caveat to this is that the CLR does not allow cross threading updates to classes that inherit from System.Windows.Forms.Control , i.e. the control cannot be updated from a thread that wasn't responsible...
  • CS Tidbits #26 -- Harness The Power Of Config File Overrides

    Now that Community Server 2007 has been released, it's time to fire up the CS Tidbits category again and see what I can come up with. Coming tidbits will still be geared towards site admins (making your site easier to use, simple tweaks and additions, etc), but I'll also go into some details about Chameleon, CS's long awaited skinning engine overhaul. Today's tidbit is one of the most commonly requested scenarios ( I've covered it before ): "I want to add a new menu tab/add...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sat, Apr 21 2007 with 4 comment(s)
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  • Common .Net Interview Questions

    Here is a list of some common questions I ask potential candidates when screening for interviews (and no, I don't expect answers as in depth as I've listed here): What are some of the objects exposed by the .NET framework that lend themselves to asynchronous method invocation, and what are a few ways architecturally to use these objects? What is the name of the interface used primarily as a way to check on an asynchronous method call? The simplest way to execute a method asynchronously is to start...
  • Incredible Commercial (Honda's Cog Spot)

    This is one of the coolest 2 minutes of video i have ever come across. It's actually a bit dated (came out about a year ago). It's a short spot for honda that features a virtually impossible scene using only parts from a honda car (no animation, no strings, 100% real, and the final cut is all 1 take, no edits). Apparently it took 606 takes , which is amazing in itself. It aired first in the UK, then spread on to other countries around the world, however it never made it to the US. If you...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Jan 25 2004 with 40 comment(s)
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