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  • Ashlee Simpson Lip-Sync Blunder -- Video

    I must have been the last person in the free world to hear about the Ashlee Simpson mix-up on SNL this weekend (I haven't watched SNL since I was a teenager, back when it was somewhat funny). At any rate, I'm a huge fan of pseudo-wannabe pop stars making asses out of themselves, so I set out to find the video; snag it here . That's quality for ya...and wtf was she doing at the end, a hoe-down? Then she blames the band (not just a session band, her band) at the end of the show? Classy. More commentary...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Tue, Oct 26 2004 with 64 comment(s)
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  • Community Server Migration Script -- Round 2

    [Update 02/11] Please see my new post for more details concerning this utility, sorry for all the ping-ponging of posts concerning the migration tool. The end result will be worth it. [ /update] Ok I’ll admit it, my previous post about migrating from .Text to Community Server was a bit arduous/tedious/hacky, so I’ve taken the time to write a proper managed console application that (attempts) to take the some of the pains out of the migration, namely not having to manually update each...
  • Incredible Commercial (Honda's Cog Spot)

    This is one of the coolest 2 minutes of video i have ever come across. It's actually a bit dated (came out about a year ago). It's a short spot for honda that features a virtually impossible scene using only parts from a honda car (no animation, no strings, 100% real, and the final cut is all 1 take, no edits). Apparently it took 606 takes , which is amazing in itself. It aired first in the UK, then spread on to other countries around the world, however it never made it to the US. If you...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Jan 25 2004 with 40 comment(s)
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  • SQL 2005 Management Studio is Pathetic

    Forget everything I said earlier about SQL Server 2005 Management Studio (herein referred to as MS from now on); it’s slow, bloated, and just all around pathetic. It seemed great at first, but after having done some heavy lifting with it lately it just seems…well, geared for idiots. It’s just really been dumbed down to the point looking like Access (no offense to the Access folks). Getting anything done takes an insane amount of clicks, and it just feels soooo slow compared to...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Wed, Nov 23 2005 with 26 comment(s)
  • For All The Massive Attack Fans Out There

    I'm sure there has to be a couple of Massive Attack fans who visit this site, and if you're not (or have never heard of them) it's never too late to give them a shot. They helped pioneer the trip hop movement which set the stage for many later bands to follow ( Portishead comes to mind, among many others). It's nice and dark, soothing, dubby , and just an all around bad ass style of music. A 5 hour mixed set of nonstop Massive Attack tunes has been making the playlist rounds over...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sun, Jul 1 2007 with 26 comment(s)
  • I've Got GMail Invites

    [Update] The folks at Google must really like me...they've given me some more invites, 6 in all. Keep the requests coming! [Update] Down to 1 invite. [Update] They gave me a couple more, spent one on the g/f...so I now have 4. Geeediton! [Update] 3 left. Get 'em while they're hot! First 6 comments on this post gets 'em (comments only please, and make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you). Shaweeet! I'll keep giving them away as I get them, so if you don't get one this round, keep...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Sat, Aug 28 2004 with 20 comment(s)
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  • Adding CoComment Support to Community Server

    [Update] I've updated my code to use Thomas Freudenberg's solution, which can be found in the trackbacks of this post. I posted earlier about CoComment , which is an online tool that allows you to track comments you make on other blogs (if you go plug in your email address on their site, you’ll get a beta key within a day or so if you want to try it out, which I highly recommend doing). At the time of that posting, CoComment only supported the big name blogging engines, and from what I gathered somewhat...
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Thu, Feb 9 2006 with 19 comment(s)
  • Community Server Migration Script -- Round 3

    Exciting news on the .Text to Community Server migration script; Robert McLaws came across my previous post and tapped me on the shoulder to beef up the engine for multi-blog migration scenarios so he could wrap a slick WinForms GUI wizard around it, so I’ve done just that. From the prototypes he’s sent me, it looks very promising…who doesn’t like a sexy GUI over a command line interface, right? The architecture of the migration engine itself is quite simple; pass it an array...
  • Live Comment Preview

    Phil just posted a great blurb about how he added live comment previewing to his website, so I promptly stole borrowed his code and added it to mine. To see it in action, start typing a comment (supports basic HTML tags) and watch the ooey gooey characters start to flow by in the Live Preview textbox! Implementation time? Less than 10 minutes.
    Posted to The [K]nightly Build by Jayson Knight on Tue, Mar 14 2006 with 14 comment(s)
  • VB.Net Equivalent to C# 'As' Keyword -- TryCast

    [Update] Apparently the TryCast keyword was introduced in VB 2005. That miffs me a little. Actually, that miffs me a lot since this project is on .Net 1.1 with no plans to move to 2.0 any time soon. [/update] I've been plagued blessed by inheriting a VB.Net app as one of my projects at work. I am not a language snob; I have nothing against VB (it's all IL in the end, right?) but sometimes it's a little slow going when I have to spend time looking up equivalent VB jargon for stuff that I inherently...
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